Use conditions in your automations to split an automation and perform different actions depending on a customer's details. Let's go over them in this article!
For example, if you want to send people an order confirmation email, but afterwards you only want to send additional emails to those who purchased an upsell, you can set up a condition to only let contacts get to that part of the automation of they purchased that specific product!

Step 1:

Select the + in the automation where you want to add a condition. Select Workflow and choose Condition.
Now you can add your conditions. From the dropdown menu you can choose the customer field that you want to filter based on. For example, the product they purchased.
You can select Add a new block to add another condition that the customer needs to fit, and then you can choose either And/Or to decide if the contact needs to match both conditions, or just one of them.
Click Add when you're done, and now you'll see the split in your automation.
From here you can build your automation further based on whether the contact does or does not pass the conditions!
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Step 1: