Funnel Automations Overview

Funnel automations give you endless amounts of opportunities to connect with your audience! Through the use of triggers, emails, workflow actions, and integrations you can fully customize your customer's experience with your brand after visiting your funnel!

In this intro article we'll go through the process of creating a new automation, and then the rest of this section will go piece by piece through the steps to building it out!

Step 1: Choose a Funnel

Select the funnel you want to build an automation in from your funnels tab inside of your Funnelish dashboard.
From the bottom left menu bar in your funnel select Funnel automations.

Step 2: Create the Automation

Select the blue button in the top right of the page that says Create a new automation.
Choose either a pre-built template for different purposes, or select Start from scratch.
Now you can give your automation a name and replace the text that says "New Empty Automation".

Step 3: Add Triggers & Actions!

Now you can start building your automations using the rest of the articles in this section.

Always start with at least one trigger, and then build your workflow using actions and integrations!

Step 4: Turn on Your Automation

When you're done building your automation and are ready to start using it, make sure to switch the automation to active from inside of the automation builder, or from within the Funnel automation section!

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