Funnel Automations Overview

Save time by streamlining processes
Funnel automations give you many opportunities to connect with your audience! Use triggers, emails, workflow actions, and integrations to fully customize the customer's experience with your brand after visiting your funnel!
In this article, we take you through the process of creating an automation. The other articles in this section (triggers and actions) show you how to build out the automation.

1 Choose a funnel

Automations are always built inside a specific funnel. Open a funnel and click the Funnel automations icon. It's in the bottom corner of the page.

2 Create the automation

On the next page, click the Create a new automation button. On the pop-up window, select Start from scratch and then click Create. The new automation page displays. Now you're ready to connect triggers and actions.

3 Add triggers and actions

Always start with at least one trigger, and then build your workflow using actions and integrations!

4 Turn on your automation

After you build the automation, switch on the Active toggle. You can also switch on the automation inside the Funnel automation section.

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