Editor - Forms

Form Element

  • When selecting the form element from the side-bar, you will be able to add different type of fields you want to collect, such as:
  • You can also customise the input type:
The sidebar settings will also allow you to:
  • Select whether the field is required or not.
  • Show a label of the field or not:
  • Customise font, colour, size for label and value.
  • Select a background colour and border for your form.

Payment Form

Inserting the payment form will add a payment form to your order form.
The sidebar will then allow you to customise the margin, and edit payment options.
You can then choose a theme for your payment form: white or black, and add your payment methods:
Clicking on the preferred payment methods will then lead you to set up your payment processor address, and you're all done!
You can then translate the payment methods by simply clicking on and changing the language, as shown below:
You're all set now! In the next article, we will look at two-step order forms!

Two-Step Order Forms

This is how the first step will look by default:
You are then in full control of your form elements, which you can also re-name as wished:
You can easily choose which step to customise, and:
  • Customise Margin.
  • Customise Headline and Sub-Headline.
  • Customise background colour, border and shadow.
  • You can also customise the button by simply clicking on it.
By clicking on the product list, you can easily choose a selection type:
Same like with all of the elements on your two-step order form, you can fully customise the order bump by simply clicking on that element:
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