Editor - General Settings
In this article we are going to go through all layout elements available in the page editor, along with the page properties!
Below is an overview of the page editor:
The top sidebar will allow you to choose whether you want to preview and work on your page in mobile, tablet or desktop size. Once the desired version is selected, just click on the middle popup to start building your template.
You will then be asked to choose if you want your section to be full width, wide, or half-width.
And of course, go on choosing the number of columns your section should have:
Clicking on your section will then allow you to drop widgets in it.

Adding a spacer

You can choose to add spacers, by simply selecting them from the sidebar.
All our features can be responsive to phone, tablet or desktop. If you choose to hide one on one of the devices, simply untick that device from the side buttons.
Spacers are fully customizable, allowing you to select a margin, width, colour, border style and padding.
You can also choose to add a shadow to your spacer, which is easy to customize as well:

Checking layout & managing elements

Clicking on the Layout button will allow you to see your sections and elements, as well as search for them.

Page Properties

Clicking the page properties button will allow you to:
  • Change the colour of your background, or upload a background image.
  • Turn on and customize the padding.
  • Select a default font.
  • Manage your border.
In the next article, we will be looking at text elements.
Last modified 6mo ago