Editor - Images and Videos
Let's discover together how media elements work.
Within the media section of the editor, you can select to add an image or a video:


If you want to add an image, simply click on the "Image button", and the sidebar will then allow you to:
  • Upload an image.
  • Select the responsive devices.
  • Align your image to the left, centre or right.
  • Select and customize margins for your image.
  • Type in ALT text.
  • Set an action to be triggered when the image is clicked.
  • Adjust image fit, width and height.
  • Add a border or a shadow.


You can add a video by selecting the "Video" button from the sidebar.
You will then be able to:
  • Upload any video URL.
  • Control the margins, width, height and border of your video.
  • Turn on "Auto-Play" if you want the video to be playing automatically.
  • Turn on lazy load - this will help with your page speed.
Funnelish will automatically optimise your media files (images and videos). Even when using multiple images and videos, Funnelish plus will load your page at a record speed of roughly 0.1s!
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